Magdalena Matzke

Main Focus

My main focus lies on sexual selection and mating system evolution; I am interested in how male and female interaction shape the development of their mating tactics and further, in which way their reproductive traits adapt to certain environmental changes.

Curriculum Vitae

2013-2016: B.Sc. in Biology, LMU Munich
Title of Thesis: Strategy-related survival of male spiders: cheating vs. honest mating in Pisaura mirabilis

2016-2019: M.Sc. in Biology, LMU Munich
Title of Thesis: Paternity patterns - the effect of mating order on reproductive success of male spiders in Pisaura mirabilis

April 2019 - present: Ph.D. student at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich
Project: The role of pre- and post-mating sexual selection on trait evolution: from ejaculates to behaviour

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