IMPRS-BI Management

Organizational Structure


The IMPRS-BI steering board is composed of six elected representatives of the faculty and two elected representatives of the doctoral students. The board is responsible for the general management of all IMPRS-BI activities, i.e. decisions on the allocation of available funds, changes to regulations within the school, coordination of collaborations and the continuous development of the program. The spokesperson represents the IMPRS internally and externally. The spokesperson is supported in all day-to-day matters by the coordinators.

Current board members:

Herwig Baier (Spokesperson, Director, MPI-BI)
Manfred Gahr (Director, MPI-BI)
Lisa Fenk (Group leader, MPI-BI)
Daniela Vallentin (Group leader, MPI-BI)
Laura Busse (Professor, LMU)
Jochen Wolf (Vice-spokesperson, Professor, LMU)
Dörte Neumeister (student representative, LMU)
Niels Hein (student representative, MPI-BI)


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