PhD Projects 2014

This was the list of our 2014 PhD projects. Application deadline was January 15, 2014.

Immune Gene Variation in Resident vs. Migratory Ducks
Keywords population genetics, phylogeography, disease ecology, avian influenza, migration ecology Main advisor Martin Wikelski, Inge Müller, Wolfgang Fiedler & Robert Kraus, MPIO Radolfzell more
Evolutionary endocrinology of birds
Keywords evolution, physiology, hormone, stress, behavior, fitness Main Advisor Michaela Hau, MIPO Seewiesen more
Can female promiscuity evolve via indirect selection on male sex-drive?
Key words pair bonding, quantitative genetics, sexual behaviour, social monogamy, zebra finches Main Advisor Wolfgang Forstmeier, MPIO Seewiesen more
Genomic adaptations under recent habitat changes
Keywords behavioural genomics, bioinformatics, birds, genotype-phenotype associations, invasion, selection signatures, urbanization
Main advisor
Jakob Mueller, MPIO Seewiesen more
Development of neurons relevant for feedback-dependent plasticity during bird song learning
Keywords songbird, song control nuclei, song learning, transcriptome, sex hormones, auditory feedback Main advisor Manfred Gahr, MPIO Seewiesen more
Behavioural variability as anti-predator adaptation
Keywords predator-prey-interaction, protean behaviour, escape flight, moths, bats, bioacoustics Main advisor Holger Goerlitz, MPIO Seewiesen
Social evolution
Keywords Behavioural ecology, molecular ecology, evolutionary biology Main advisor Julia Schroeder, MPIO Seewiesen more
Ecological and genomic control of migration
Keyword Alternative phenotypes, climate change, GPS logger, eco-evolutionary dynamics, gene expression, molecular genetics. Main advisers Jesko Partecke, MPIO Radolfzell and Axel Meyer, University Konstanz more
Colonizations and demographic history of cichlid fishes in crater lakes in Nicaragua
Keywords sympatric speciation, evolution, population genomics, ecological specialization
Main advisor Axel Meyer, University of Konstanz more
Genomic basis of alternative life-history evolution in swordtail fishes
Keywords Mating behavior, population genomics, QTL mapping, Central America Main advisor Axel Meyer, University of Konstanz more
Genomic basis of mate choice in the polychromatic Midas cichlid fish
Keywords Nicaragua, QTL mapping, assortative mating, behavioral genomics, bioinformatic techniques Main advisor Axel Meyer, University of Konstanz more
Effects of climate warming on invasion potential of ornamental alien plant species
Keywords Climate change, ornamental alien plants, invasive species
Main advisor Mark van Kleunen, University of Konstanz more
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